Cool Lifting

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Cool Lifting

Freezing for rejuvenation is no longer just a fantasy movie plot. Cryotherapy has long been used not only in medicine but also as part of cosmetic cosmetic procedures. Cool Lifting is a revolutionary rejuvenation method that combines the action of carbon dioxide at very low temperatures and super short lead times. Since we like to keep up with the news and inform you about everything that happens on the beauty scene, we decided to try this procedure and tell you about it first hand.


Express lifting and brightening of the face, erasure of fine wrinkles, rejuvenation and improvement of skin texture. The low temperature activates the microcirculation of the blood. As a result, the oxygen in the tissues increases and the production of collagen and elastin is activated. The pistol “shoots” wrinkles, mostly caused by frowning, smoothes the lines of the eye contour and affects the labial wrinkles.


The procedure is performed with a device resembling a gun in which a gas capsule is loaded. A powerful stream of carbon dioxide (CO2), emitted at very low temperature and high pressure, treats the face and neck area

How does the procedure work?

The face is cleansed of makeup and dirt. Apply a light eczema foam, which is gently rubbed into the skin. A gas capsule is placed in the gun with which the procedure is performed. It is full of the exact amount needed to treat the whole face.