Professional makeup

Professional makeup

Our salon offers professional evening and day makeup that will dazzle you.

Evening makeup

Summer is the season when we wear lighter make-up, but when we have an evening out, we need to emphasize our eyes well. Of course, you can use different color combinations. When the make-up is evening, be sure to emphasize your eyebrows so that they do not get lost and the make-up does not look incomplete. Since the make-up is not very strong, we can afford to put artificial eyelashes for a beautiful look. In the summer we most often rely on lip gloss, whether it is an evening or day out, so in our makeup we have chosen a pale pink gloss, which is silicone-based, so as not to spill and go beyond the contour of the lips.

Daily makeup

It turns out that wearing makeup during the day is not an easy task. Some of us do it to cover up imperfections or signs of fatigue, while others do it because they have made it a way of life. The use of incorrect colors, combinations and products can lead to the opposite of the desired effect. And because we know how important it is to look good every day, we offer you the following tips: To take advantage of our great makeup artist, she will make you look stunning.