Laser rejuvenation

TOP procedure for 2020

Laser rejuvenation – the new laser lifting is a technology from ABI Beauty in Sofia for all skin types

The advantage of living in the XXI century – non-surgical laser lifting as a cosmetic service

In the last few years, technological innovations have not stopped surprising us with new procedures that will make flawless skin look a reality. He definitely stands out among them laser rejuvenation as an effective and painless lifting method for lifting and repairing already sagging tissues, laser service offered by ABI Beauty in Sofia.

Какво е методът на лазерното подмладяване от ABI Beauty?


Преди повече от 25 години, когато лазерната технология навлиза, е установено, че лъчението с определена дължина действа “възбуждащо” на клетките на кожата. Направило впечатление, че това дразнение предизвиква активирането на фибробласти в клетката, които от своя страна започват отново да синтезират голямо количество колаген. Днес дълбоката стимулация на кожата стои в основата на лазерната процедура за подмладяване на лицето и се радва на отлични резултати. Производството на колаген не е еднократен акт след лазерният лифтинг (нар. още лазерен ресърфисинг). Тази козметична процедура възстановява активността му такава, каквато е била на млади години и запазва производството занапред. Продължителността на всяка процедура лазерен лифтинг е между 30 и 50 минути. Свържете се с нас на нашата контакт страница и запазете час!

Cosmetic laser rejuvenation effectively fights the removal of visible signs of aging, sun exposure and smoking, restoring the radiance and flexibility of your skin. Contact our professionals at our laser centers in Drujba or Lozenets in Sofia and make an appointment for a laser lift!

How many laser procedures are needed for rejuvenation?


There are clients in whom the effect of laser rejuvenation is noticeable after the first procedure. Like the other services offered in our cosmetic and laser center, we treat each person individually and precisely determine the procedures according to the needs of his skin. The recommended number is 3 to 5 procedures between 7-14 days each. Depending on the specific circumstances, it may be necessary additional laser treatment for maximum results.

The laser is non-ablative in laser rejuvenation. There is a difference between the two main types of lasers – ablative and non-ablative. Ablation means violation, ie. burning of the surface layer of the skin. When the epidermis is damaged, we have a long recovery period. CO2 lasers, for example, are ablative. With non-ablative lasers, we have heating without compromising integrity. i.e. the effect of the beam is in the deeper layers of the skin and the surface layer is not disturbed in any way. There are no wounds after the therapy. Which reduces the risk of infections and significantly reduces recovery time. The so-called downtime (or time at home) for non-ablative lasers is 2-3 days, while for ablative lasers it can be more than a week.

For what people is laser rejuvenation or face and body lifting suitable??


This type of laser service is applied to people over 18 years of age, with no upper limit. Complete rejuvenation of the face and body is suitable for people over 35. But individual fine wrinkles can be trained earlier.

The procedures of the ABI Beauty laser center are suitable for both women and men. It is possible to select and apply laser rejuvenation with diode laser of a particular part of the body. For women, it is mainly the face, neck and arms, and for men depending on preferences. For more information about our services, incl. laser rejuvenation, please visit price page, where we try to publish our latest offers, promotions, deadlines and more.

You can book an appointment with us on the page contactsor leave your opinion of us as here on the site, and on our page in Google.

 Do I need to prepare for laser lifting?


Unlike other cosmetic services, no prior preparation is required from consumers. Laser rejuvenation or lifting is not applied if the patient has a recent tan or is exposed to the sun immediately after the procedure. The only restriction for laser facial rejuvenation has been established for pregnant women and people with certain diseases, as well as for the use of incompatible antibiotics. Be sure to notify cosmetics if you have Botox or fillers to match the wavelength and avoid heating on these areas. We urge you to inform the professionals about all the details that may affect the laser service.

The right choice of laser center for rejuvenation

We at ABI Beauty Salon have tried to create a unique atmosphere in the salon so that every visit brings you pleasure;
The team of laser center ABI Beauty Salon consists of young and energetic professionals who are constantly developing their professional skills in order to offer ever-higher quality to their customers;
Along with professional laser body and face rejuvenation, at your disposal in the salon is a wide range of other laser services that will take care of even the smallest imperfections and make you feel beautiful;
In order to achieve excellent results, we constantly comply with the latest technological proposals and try to develop the services we offer;
You get all of the above advantages of ABI Beauty Salon at affordable prices.
Laser rejuvenation - promotion up to -56% until 28.02.2023


Area Standard prices Promo prices Discounts
Whole face 320 BGN 180 BGN -44%
Forehead 150 BGN 80 BGN -47%
Eye contour 100 BGN 55 BGN
Cheeks and chin 170 BGN 80 BGN -53%
Neck 170 BGN 90 BGN -47%
Neckline 350 BGN 190 BGN -46%
Upper arms 500 BGN 220 BGN -56%
Lower part of the arms 500 BGN 220 BGN -56%
Palms and fingers 300 BGN 170 BGN -43%
Belly 500 BGN 240 BGN -52%
Seat and breeches 600 BGN 280 BGN -53%
Intimacy 200 BGN 90 BGN -55%
Love Handles 400 BGN 180 BGN -55%
Legs 450 BGN 220 BGN -51%
Thighs 600 BGN 280 BGN -53%

* When booking an hour in the promo period, you use these prices for 6 procedures

* Prices are for one procedure

Advantages of laser rejuvenation without surgery

ABi Beauty  - лазерно подмладяване в София

Maximum sparing

ABi Beauty  - нова технология на лазерен лифтинг в София

Thanks to its gentle function, laser lifting is suitable for any skin type procedure

ABi Beauty  - лазерно подмладяване в лазарният център София

There is no recovery period

ABi Beauty  - лазерни процедури за подмладяване в София на достъпни цени

It is applied to every part of the body, not just the face and neck

ABi Beauty  - лазерен лифтинг в София

You can apply makeup between 24 and 48 hours after facial rejuvenation

ABi Beauty  - лазерен лифтинг чрез диоден лазер в София


ABi Beauty  - диодно лазерно подмладяване в София

No prior preparation is required

ABi Beauty  - процедурата лазерен лифтинг в София

The possible redness lasts only a few hours and does not cause much discomfort