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Пълната промяна, започва от прическата!

Dyeing, locks / baleage and discoloration with KEUNE

Keune Tinta color – ammonia paint

Created with the help of high-quality ingredients, KEUNE paints inspire endless creativity.

4 reasons to start using TINTA hair dye:

  1. Nourishes hair perfectly; 
  2. Gives hair silky softness and shine;
  3. Broad-spectrum UV-A and UV-B hair protection due to the ingredient Solamer;
  4. Does not color and does not leave spots on the scalp. The creamy Oxidant of TINTA contains color stabilizer LP300, which helps color pigments to be better retained in the hair structure and protects the hair structure during coloring. As a result, longer-lasting hair color is achieved.
    Silk protein repairs and nourishes damaged hair. Hair that is in better condition also stays alive for longer because the color pigments are locked into the hair structure. You will immediately see and feel the improved condition of the hair immediately after washing.

Keune semi color – ammonia-free paint

Semi Color is a non-ammonia paint that intensely paints tone on tone and gives up to 70% coverage of gray hair. Perfect choice for the first coloring of natural hair, intensive coloring tone on tone without changing the natural hair color and easy to use double coloring system – refreshing lengths and ends with Semi Color paint in combination with Tinta Color paint.

SILSOFT technology provides exceptional shine and nourishment to the hair. Semi Color is a creamy paint based on coconut oil, which provides its creamy consistency. It is easy to mix and does not stain or leave stains on the scalp.

Therapy for restoration and permanent nourishment of dyed and chemically treated hair, which makes the hair strong, healthy, nourished and shiny.



  • Creates disulfide bonds – as a result, the hair is strong and healthy
  • Longer lasting hair nourishment
  • Designed for all lightening and dyeing services and all chemical services, including as a stand-alone therapy
  • The integrity of the hair is not disturbed
  • Protein Fusion system – for healthier and nourished hair

There are 3 phases, of which Phase 3 – Bond Rechanger is designed for home use.

Prices of services:

HAIRDRESSER - zhk. Druzhba 1

Haircut with washing


Male with a typewriter 14 BGN
Male with scissors 19 BGN
Beard 5 BGN
Women’s (with hairdryer included) 35 BGN
Women’s (washing only) 20 BGN
Retired 10 BGN
Children (up to 10 years 15 BGN
Breton 2 BGN




KEUNE 45 BGN / 80 BGN/ 90 BGN
Matting KEUNE 24 BGN
With paint on the client 25 BGN
INOA 70 BGN/ 80 BGN/ 90 BGN




Whole hair From 60 BGN
Baleage From 60 BGN




Short hair 20 BGN
Medium hair 25 BGN
Long hair 30 BGN
Curling iron 30 BGN/ 35 BGN/ 40 BGN




Twister 200 BGN/ 250 BGN
Twister support 120 BGN
Hair maintenance 70 BGN




Formal hairstyle 50 BGN/ 70 BGN
Hair therapies incl. hairdryer 30 BGN/ 40 BGN
Extensions 200g 590 BGN/ 690 BGN


HAIRDRESSER - zhk. Lozenets

Haircut with washing


Male with typewriter 14 BGN
Male with scissors 19 BGN
Beard 5 BGN
Women's (with hairdryer included) 35 BGN
Women's (washing only) 20 BGN
Retired 10 BGN
Children's (up to 10 years) 15 BGN
Breton 2 BGN


KEUNE painting


Root paint 45 BGN
Complete painting 80 BGN / 90 BGN
Matting 24 BGN
Ammonia-free 28 BGN
With the client's paint 25 BGN




Whole hair From 60 BGN
Locks / baleage From 60 BGN




Short hair 20 BGN
Average hair 25 BGN
Long hair 30 BGN
Curling iron
* Short hair 30 BGN
* Average hair 35 BGN
* Long hair 40 BGN.




Formal hairstyle 50 BGN / 70 BGN
Hair therapies incl. hairdryer 30 BGN / 40 BGN
* Miracle Elexir 40 BGN
* Blond Fusion 40 BGN
Extensions 200 g. 590 BGN / 690 BGN


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