In Abi Beauty Salon we have two solariums – vertical and horizontal. For the perfect skincare, we also offer solarium cosmetics. It is suitable both during the procedures and after them.

“Ergoline Excellence 800” tanning beds provide a very gentle tan. Collagen lamps take care of the skin in a revitalizing way. UV lamps provide light and natural-looking tan. The hybrid technology uses an ideal balance of sunlight and collagen therapy to reduce the unwanted side effects of the sun.

The typical effects of dry skin and the extra odor after using ultraviolet rays are a thing of the past. After the session in the solarium, the skin feels smooth and soft, just like after applying the cream. The Luxura solarium is the perfect solarium for those who are worried about skin aging.

Solarium cosmetics

Solarium cosmetics are suitable for both vertical and horizontal solarium. It is recommended to use in any procedure. With its help you guarantee better results and softer, nourished and radiant skin. Do not miss the scent that is carried around you after each application.

When visiting the salon, ask about cosmetics suitable for your skin type. We offer a wide variety of options for before, during and after the procedure.

Why choose a hairdresser from Abi Beauty Salon?


We offer a variety of hairdressing services, including unique therapies to maintain the shine in your hair. Fashion, formal and casual hairstyles.

The atmosphere in the salon

We assure you that you will feel great in our company. Our team consists of young, energetic and beautiful ladies. We know how to have fun while creating beauty.

Affordable prices

We offer both single procedures and periodic maintenance for your hair. Trust our stylists – they know how your hair will feel best.