Face cleaning

Beauty is a responsibility

Face cleaning

Pollution in big cities mainly affects our skin. Namely, cleansing the face provides removal of impurities, regulation of sebum secretion and improving skin texture.

Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental pollution. To this, we must add its tendency to accumulate on its surface excess fat and dead cells. In order to look young and fresh, it is important that it is cleaned properly.

We wash our face daily with soap, water, various cleansing lotions and detergents, but in many cases, they are not the most appropriate and effective products.

The cleaning procedures with a specialist take care of the removal of airborne impurities, excess sebum and make-up residues in women, exfoliation (removal of “dead” cells from the surface of the epidermis), as well as cleaning of clogged pores and comedones (black dots) and milia (mini cysts, mostly around the eyes). A large percentage of facial skin problems, including acne and enlarged pores, are the result of untreated or improperly cleansed skin.

Therefore, regular facial cleansing is extremely important, especially in large cities, where the air is much more polluted and the skin retains significantly more impurities.