Traditional method of hair removal

Waxing as an alternative method of hair removal for men and women from ABI Beauty in Sofia

What is waxing as a hair removal procedure?

Don’t have time to use a knife? Worried about cutting yourself? Wondering if there is another option for fast hair removal?


ABI Beauty in Sofia offers you a solution – wax mask, made in our salons and on affordable prices and always with perfect quality.


What is a car mask??


Cosmetic procedure for mechanical removal of unwanted hair: a cheap but time-consuming method in which the hair is plucked from the root with the help of highly sticky substances. The wax mask is applied to the hairy area and after applying strips of fabric or paper on it, the hairs are pulled out.
Hair in a wax mask is removed from the root and with each subsequent procedure they become smaller and thinner. It is not as effective as diode laser hair removal treatment or hair removal, but is a faster method.



We offer a professional waxing mask for both women and men, regardless of which part of the body the client will want to treat – chest, abdomen, back, waist, whole legs, whole arms, shoulders, armpits or intimacy. Contact ours salons in Drujba or Lozenets in Sofia for more information. We are expecting you!

Кола маска от ABI Beauty в София
Кола маска за обескосмяване от ABI Beauty в София
Кола маска от ABI Beauty в София за бърза епилация
Waxing WOMEN
1/2 legs 26 BGN
Whole legs 35 BGN
1/2 hands 18 BGN
Whole hands 26 BGN
Armpits 18 BGN
Intimacy 35 BGN
Face 18 BGN
Jaws 9 BGN
Upper lip 9 BGN
Chin 9 BGN
Chest 26 BGN
Back + cross 26 BGN
Belly 18 BGN
Cross 18 BGN
Back 18 BGN
Whole-body 125 BGN

Whole-body incl: whole legs, whole arms, armpits, intimacy and whole face

Waxing MEN
1/2 legs 44 BGN
Whole legs 70 BGN
1/2 hands 35 BGN
Whole hands 44 BGN
Armpits 26 BGN
Chest 53 BGN
Back + cross 70 BGN
Belly 53 BGN
Cross 35 BGN
Back 35 BGN
Whole-body 280 BGN

Whole-body including: chest, abdomen, back, waist, whole legs, whole arms, shoulders and armpits

Want to see another innovative, safe and painless hair removal method?
Why choose a wax mask from ABI Beauty?

Innovative procedures

In Abi salon we offer the most modern and innovative procedures for the whole body. Trusting our professionalism, you will always be one step ahead of the rest.

The atmosphere in the salon

We assure you that you will feel great in our company. Our team consists of young, energetic and beautiful ladies. We know how to have fun while creating beauty.

Affordable prices

We offer a variety of procedures at different prices. It is possible to make a combination of several procedures with an additional discount included.