Features that we need to know in manicure and pedicure

When choosing a good manicurist or pedicurist, several features must be observed. We at ABI Beauty summarize the most important things that all ladies and gentlemen must comply with, namely:
Професионален маникюр и педикюр от ABI Beauty - София

What should we consider when choosing a salon for manicure and pedicure?

The truth is that maintaining beautiful palms and soles is not an easy task. It requires perseverance and most of all good professionals to trust. Especially in big cities, given the abundance of beauty salons, it is difficult to find a good manicurist from the first time to fit in with. In Sofia in the last few years, ABI Beauty has become one of the leading salons for manicures and pedicures.

What does manicure involve?

Manicure is actually a set of procedures and various techniques, which include in addition to shaping the nail plate: – palm massage; – removal of cuticles; – placing an exfoliant; – applying varnish.

Which manicure is well maintained?

Many people, when they hear about a well-maintained manicure, imagine long and exquisite nails with colored nail polish. But no, it’s not just long fingernails that need maintenance. There are professions that require women to have short and well-cut nails. This does not mean that their hands do not need regular visits to the beauty salon. And there are women who just don’t like long nails.

What are the main types of manicures and pedicures?

There are several types of manicure and pedicure procedures. The main is techniques for softening the skin of the palms and soles. It mainly aims to destroy dead skin from the legs and arms, as well as to achieve their soft and delicate appearance. In ABI Beauty manicure and pedicure salons the manicure procedure starts with soaking the palms in warm water. The soap in it helps soften the skin and makes dead cells easy to remove. After soaking, the girls will take care of removing the cuticles and shaping the nail plate. And then you will enjoy a massage of the palms and nails and the application of a special lotion that will moisturize and soften the skin. The basic manicure procedure ends with the application of basic nail polish and a top on it.

What should we get when we go for a pedicure?

For the good quality of pedicure, we must be sure that in the manicure and pedicure salon we visit, hygiene is observed at a very high level. As a rule, the pedicure procedure the following steps: – soaking the feet; – placing an exfoliant; – massage – removal of cuticles; – nail shaping; – applying varnish. The main purpose of a pedicure is to remove dead skin from the feet and heels so that they can become soft and well hydrated.

Are there any health benefits to a well-maintained manicure and pedicure?

As we said at the beginning, manicures and pedicures are not just a symbol of a well-maintained appearance but bring health benefits to the body. Here are some of them: – manicure and pedicure protect fingernails and toenails from dust that is all around us; – Regular visits to a manicurist will help to detect the earliest symptoms of fungal infection; – Massage during the procedures promotes good blood circulation; – The procedures make you dedicate time to yourself, relax your mind and rest deservedly.

Are men welcome?

For years, manicures and pedicures have not been services that are used only by women. More and more men are taking advantage of them. Yes, they usually do not want the colored nail polish, but for the stronger sex, it is becoming increasingly important that their fingernails, especially, look good. Of course, men are also welcome at ABI Beauty for a beautiful and well-maintained manicure and pedicure.

Where is?

For several months now, in addition to Druzhba, ABI Beauty has opened a manicure salon in Lozenets. And there the girls do not stop proving that they are equally good, both in the bolder nail solutions and in the classic French manicure, for example. Of course, you can also trust the manicurists in the ABI Beauty manicure and pedicure salons for the application of gel polish. Both studios and laser centers work with high-quality products, which guarantees you a long-lasting elegant manicure look.

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