How, where and why to choose laser hair removal from ABI Beauty?

“Every woman has been faced with unwanted hair. Almost all the ladies have tried to deal with this problem with razors from laser hair removal.

Most people think that this problem does not affect mostly women with thicker and darker hair, but this is far from the case. This type of hair is the most difficult to remove for a long time. This is the case with me.

Is there a solution through diode laser hair removal?

Fortunately, modern technology also provides a solution for those of us who have small and light hair. This is diode laser hair removal. And no, don’t think that it’s only for these women. On the contrary! It is the most successful long-lasting hair removal method for both ladies and gentlemen. Laser diodes with 810 nm handle cover 90% of the skin and hair types of the population.

In addition, it turns out that to achieve completely smooth skin, between 6 and 8 procedures are needed, and even after the first 2-3 visible effect is noticeable.

What is important to consider when choosing a salon were to do the procedure?

When choosing a salon in which to do diode laser hair removal, several elements are important:

– The quality of the machines that work in the salon (laser center) – it is preferable to stop at a place where you work with the latest generation diode laser. A big advantage is that it has two applicators. This allows the laser to work better on different skin and hair types.

– The professionalism of cosmetics – you need to trust only a really good specialist. He will know how to adjust the laser to the characteristics of your skin, as well as to the thickness and color of the hair. It is important to share with cosmetics if you have hormonal disorders or are taking medication, as this is also important for successful laser hair removal.

Why choose a diode laser as a solution for long-term hair removal?

I chose laser hair removal precisely because of the specifics of my skin and the light and thin hair I have. I had tried all the other methods before, but most of them were not successful. I also needed hair removal, which is completely painless.

So the beauticians from ABI Beauty recommended diode laser hair removal. Apart from the fact that I did not feel any pain, the second procedure had an effect. And the price is more than good! After 7 procedures I enjoy completely smooth skin, and the need for maintenance therapy is only every 5-6 months once. “

This is what our client Desi Varbanova wrote to us about how she chose our center, our laser procedures and what is her impression of We are grateful that our clients write and remain with a positive response.

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