Why choose HIFU lifting from Abi Beauty?

Why is the HIFU machine different from lasers for laser hair removal and laser rejuvenation?


HIFU lifting is a procedure for non-operative lifting or also called HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound). This is a device that emits high-intensity focused ultrasonic waves. The device from ABI Beauty has different nozzles or cassettes. Through them, the operator selects the required depth through which it aims to treat the required layer of skin. In addition, the HIFU device can work for three purposes:


  • Cellulite – it is located in the top layer of the skin and for it the operator selects cartridges with a shallow depth of penetration, aiming to treat the area / depth / layer of the skin in which cellulite is formed;


  • Subcutaneous fat / abdomen / slings / wrinkles / double chin / drooping cheeks, etc. – when working on these problems, the operator selects the appropriate depth of the cartridges according to the individual skin structure of the client. It mainly works with cartridges over 4.5 mm and can reach a depth of 16 mm. In procedures of the above two generalized areas, the goal is direct degradation of fat cells.


  • Wrinkles / facelift / goiter lifting – when working to deal with these problem areas, the operator chooses mostly shallow cassettes, which can vary between 1.5mm to 4.5mm. With them, the operator aims to treat the layer of skin called SMAS, which hides the secret of taut and smooth skin. It is this layer of skin that is richest in collagen fibers and elastin. Unfortunately, over time, collagen fibers become deformed and the skin becomes wrinkled or sagging in these deformed collagen areas. Through HIFU lifting, we treat the deformed collagen fibers and allow the fibroblasts to synthesize a new collagen layer, according to a code taken directly from the DNA (ie it will be arranged in the best way), as it was years ago;


What do we recommend for HIFU procedures and application interval?


The HIFU procedure is especially suitable for people with the following problems:

  1. Problems and loss of contour around the cheekbones;
  2. Problems with sagging eyelids;
  3. Bags under the eyes, due to work, lack of sleep and other daily factors;
  4. Relaxation of the skin under the chin and in the neck area due to age, weight, or after illness;
  5. Wrinkles and creases around the lips;
  6. Problems with drooping cheeks;
  7. Problems with a lost oval face;
  8. Double chin or goiter;
  9. Relaxation of the body (abdomen, buttocks, armpits, etc.) due to other factors


When working to melt (reduce) fat and cellulite, the time between HIFU procedures should be at least 14 days! This allows the metabolism to get rid of or clear the broken down fat cells and their residual products. It is recommended to take twice the normal amount of water in order to quickly cleanse the body of broken-down fats.

When we treat wrinkles, the distance between procedures is 90 days! During this time, the body synthesizes and forms new collagen and the skin becomes more taut and smooth. For more information use our contacts or leave your opinion on our Google pages about Druzhba and Lozenets.
хайфу лифтинг от ABI Beauty в София

Difference between HIFU lifting and laser rejuvenation

The main technical difference between the two procedures is that in laser rejuvenation there are no cartridges and the frequency is not adjusted, while in HIFU procedures it is possible to fine-tune.

Another difference between HIFU lifting and laser rejuvenation is that the HIFU procedure treats or destroys old collagen with high-intensity focused ultrasound waves, after which we expect the body to build a new one according to the client’s DNA code. While laser rejuvenation is more gentle on the skin, painless and with a specific length of the diode laser, light stimulation invites fibroblasts to synthesize form new collagen.


For the best effect through HIFU and laser lifting and the recommended number of procedures from ABI Beauty

For the fastest and best effect of the procedures, we at ABI Beauty advise combining the two lifting procedures. For younger skin to start with treatment with HIFU lifting, and after 2 to 3 days to do laser rejuvenation. Thus, after the deformed collagen is destroyed, the fibroblasts begin to build a new one and through laser rejuvenation, we intensify their work.

In HIFU, the lifting procedure has the effect of the first one, but for optimal results we recommend 3 procedures for the face, and 2-3 for cellulite and subcutaneous fat. If you want to learn more about the prices of these procedures, visit our page for current prices.

For laser rejuvenation or laser lifting with a diode laser, we recommend about 5 to 6 procedures. Laser rejuvenation has a very good effect in smoothing the complexion and removing age spots.
хайфу (hifu) терапия в софия от ABI Beauty

The recovery period after HIFU therapy and is there one?

After HIFU therapy, the area that has been treated is reddened for about 2-4 hours. There is nothing to be afraid of! This shows that the procedure has an effect and begins the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, after which collagen is built for a more beautiful face and body.

It is not necessary to take medical referrals or recovery leave for this procedure! Immediately after the end of HIFU therapy, you can continue with your daily tasks.

We at ABI Beauty also make discounts for a combination of the two procedures! Call 0897543540 or 0890200100 and learn more about the HIFU lifting procedure in our salons in Sofia!

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