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Laser Rejuvenation

Technological innovations never stop surprising us with new procedures.

A painless anti-aging method.

HIFU Procedures

The technology of the future.

A revolutionary method for non-operative lifting.

Cosmetic treatments

We put your beauty first.

Professional care for your skin.

Hairdressing services

Modern and formal hairstyles.

Always stylish and beautiful with ABI Beauty

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ABI Beauty – the laser hair removal center in Sofia

We are ABI Beauty – one of the leading in the beauty industry and laser salons for six years. Professional laser center for laser hair removal for women and men with diode laser of the latest generation, HIFU (Haifu) non-surgical lifting, cosmetic procedures, and much more. We opened in 2014 in Sofia in the Druzhba district and since then we aim to turn beauty into everyday life, and in 2019 we opened the first of its kind – ABI Beauty Premium (Garden Edition) located in Lozenets, Sofia. Since then, our salons are visited by hundreds of loyal and satisfied customers, and we are fair to them and try to disprove their trust in us at any time. And what is important for the customer – laser hair removal prices.

What do we offer?

We live in a modern world that is guided by new technological discoveries in every area of ​​our daily lives. For this, we at ABI Beauty have decided to rely on the quality and professional cosmetic services. Thus, every beginning customer will be satisfied and will enjoy the results with a smile, regardless of which of our services he uses:

– Diode laser hair removal in Sofia – the most sought after and effective method for diode laser hair removal, painless, long-lasting and at the lowest prices in Bulgaria. You can read more about this service for men and women on its website;

– HIFU or Haifu is a preferred method for non-operative lifting for beautification with the most modern equipment available in the country and the world;

– Laser rejuvenation is our latest proposal for cosmetic skin rejuvenation using laser technology. We offer the service in our salons with the latest lasers in the country;

– Different types of cosmetic procedures at a professional level in our two salons in Lozenets and Druzhba, Sofia, such as pressure therapy (lymphatic drainage), 3D moderator, BB glow treatment (skin whitening), cool lifting (illumination of the face and neck), hyaluronic therapy, chemical peeling, facial cleansing, microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy, ear and nose piercing, professional make-up, and others.


– Professional hairdressing services for ladies and gentlemen who want to look stunning in their daily lives.

– Manicure and pedicure, eyelash extensions, lamination of eyelashes, wax mask, massage and solarium are some of our ways to make you happy and beautiful.

Our wide range of offered cosmetic and laser procedures in the city of Sofia will make you wanted and shine with beauty. All this will be served by our professional team with an incredibly luxurious and pleasant atmosphere. See for yourself by visiting us or browsing our gallery.

We have several places to wait and relax, where until it’s your turn, you can talk to friends and refresh yourself with a glass of mineral water or coffee.

Take a look at the services we offer and do not hesitate if you have questions about the diode laser or other procedures. Ask us! Our prices are regularly updated! If you have already chosen your procedure, book your appointment now in our laser center!



Body Sculpting

HIEMT PRO MAX / High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer / is a device with HIFEM / High Intensity Focussed Electromagnetic Muscle stimulation/ technology. The machine we work with is the fourth generation in 2021 (last generation). It is used by women and men to build muscle and melt fat in 6 parts of the body – abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps, triceps. This way you can sculpt your body to your liking and achieve the effect you are looking for.

HIEMT technology helps you gain muscle, lose fat and easily get in shape.

Try the HIEMT PRO MAX / Pelvic Floor handle. READ MORE about our latest acquisition.

Abi Beauty - салони за скулптуриране на тяло София


Laser Hair

Кое прави диодната епилация най-предпочитаният метод за обезкосмяване?

Диодният лазер в днешно време е най-добрият метод за трайно обезкосмяване. Ние от ABI Beauty полагаме усилия постоянно да обновяваме оборудването си, съобразявайки всеки от наличните апарати с последните технологични иновации. Доказателство за успеха на нашите нововъведения е лазерното подмладяване, което смело можем да кажем, че вече е добре интегрирана процедура, от която много клиенти са доволни.

Посетете нашият лазерен център и се обедете сами!



Haifu (HIFU) technology of the future – a revolutionary method for non-operative lifting.

Beauty procedures solve more and more problems for both ladies and gentlemen. But the most impressive results are observed in Haifu rejuvenation. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) lifting is a revolutionary procedure that has definitely attracted the attention of thousands of people around the world who are already enjoying its results. Ask our specialists in our laser centers in Sofia.


Laser Rejuvenation

The advantage of living in the XXI century – the new laser method for rejuvenation!

Cosmetic laser rejuvenation effectively fights the removal of visible signs of aging, sun exposure and smoking, restoring the radiance and flexibility of your skin.

We at ABI Beauty Laser Center have tried to create a unique atmosphere in the salon so that every visit is a pleasure;

See which services are available in Abi Beauty salons!

Druzhba 1

Laser hair removal


Laser rejuvenation




Hairdressing services

Ear piercing



Laser hair removal


Laser rejuvenation




Hairdressing services

bul. Bulgaria

Laser hair removal

Laser rejuvenation

Serdika (Center)

Laser hair removal

Laser rejuvenation


bul. Lomsko Shose

Laser hair removal

Laser rejuvenation

HIFU – Face and body lifting


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I visit the professionals from Abby every month. I am satisfied with the procedures I use and the attitude of the staff. I like that they are constantly updating their procedures and always offer the latest generation of beauty therapies. Thank you for being there!


For me, the skin is extremely important upcoming permanent photo shoots and my busy daily life! I trusted a chain of laser centers @AbiBeauty, which specializes in the website of Laser Rejuvenation and Laser Hair Removal! The effect was defeated even more than the first procedure! The equipment with which it becomes innovative and of the latest generation! They do not save impulses and each part is passed carefully enough after a few times 👍, and the result is always certain. The studios are stylishly furnished and the team is great! For your convenience with secure parking spaces! Choose the right choice and safe quality, namely #Abibeauty

Rusata Zlatka

I recommend with both hands! Abi Beauty – Inhumanly strong staff, amazing professionals. Makeup, hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, massage, solarium and many more procedures a woman needs to feel beautiful. And the girls are number one.


Amazing professionals. They have specialists and equipment that allow the implementation of beauty and maintenance procedures. They work with world make-up brands. I highly recommend it, and I rarely do it 😉


Whenever I have time, I go back to my favorite beauty salon – ABI. Thank you for the wonderful moments, the innovative approaches and the affordable services.


Each of my visits to Abi beauty is beautifully entertaining. I get a professional procedure, along with a great mood conveyed by the friendly staff.


Abi Beauty

I am extremely satisfied with the service, as a client of the laser hair removal and the professional attitude of the whole team.
A place where the equipment they work with is of the latest generation and the procedure is not cluttered, which is very important for the lazar.
Highly recommend for clients who are in the process of reading and searching for the best.

Janeta Osipova

Abi Bauty