Body Sculpting

Build muscle and burn fat with HIFEM


HIEMT technology helps you gain muscle, lose fat and easily get in shape.

The HIEMT muscle-building machine can make all this a reality. It can also help you lose weight and contour your body.
No need for intense exercise, no pain, no sweat, no need to take off clothes and this saves more time and effort. Just 30 minutes of lying down = 30,000 times muscle contraction (30 minutes of abdominal/hip treatment, equivalent to 30,000 times squatting) so you can lie down easily to build muscle and reduce fat.

100% limited muscle contraction with HIFEM / HIEMT technology can cause too much lipolysis. Fatty acids are broken down by triglyceride acid and accumulate in fat cells in large quantities. The concentration of fatty acids is too high, which causes apoptosis of fat cells and is excreted through normal metabolism within a few weeks. Therefore, the HIFEM / HIEMT muscle beautifier can strengthen and increase muscle while achieving a fat reduction effect.

Working principle

The HIFEM Muscle Beauty Tool uses non-invasive HIFEM technology to release high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through two large treatment handles to penetrate 8 cm deep muscles and cause continuous muscle expansion and contraction to achieve high-frequency extreme training to deepen the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) and produce new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), thus training and increasing muscle density and volume.

The difference between HIFEM / HIEMT and EMS


  • The effective depth of penetration of HIFEM is 8 cm, covering the entire neural network and allowing the entire muscle layer to contract;
  • The effect of fat apoptosis and GG “super muscle exercise” can never be achieved through exercise;
  • Studies in the United States show that the effect of four procedures is the best;
  • The treatment experience is good.


  • Most of the energy of the current is concentrated in the surface layer, only a small part can reach the muscle;
  • Feeling of slight tingling or tightness;
  • It takes 40 procedures to get a visible change;
  • The intensity of treatment cannot be increased due to the risk of pain and burns.

Body Sculpting

Benefits of building muscle

√ Improving the constitution of obesity and the effectiveness of weight loss.

√ Building a strong and beautiful body.

√ Preventing aging and maintaining physical youth.

√ Reduction of chronic muscle and joint pain.

√ Helps smooth blood circulation.

√ Protection of the safety of the uterus, intestines and others.

√ Improvement and prevention of diabetes.

√ Reduction of high blood pressure to relieve blood pressure.

√ Prevention of heart disease.

√ Improving memory and preventing dementia.

4 Working head

10 Air-cooling technology

6000H Handle life

Multiple handles work at the same time


1. Can set different modes of muscle training.

2. 180-radian handle design, more suitable for the design of the curve of the arm and thigh, easy to operate.

3. Four processing handles, two-channel control energy, support synchronous operation with two or four handles; can manage two or four people suitable for men and women at the same time.

7. This is a simple operation and type of dressing. The operating head should be placed only on the operating part of the guest and it can be reinforced with a special equipment tape without the need for a beautician to operate the instrument, which is convenient and simple.

8. During the treatment there is only a feeling of muscle contraction, no pain, no sweat and no side effects on the body, just do it and go.

9. It is non-invasive and the process is easy and convenient. Just to lie down and experience it as a muscle sucks.

4. It is safe and non-invasive, non-current, non-hyperthermic and non-radiation, and has no recovery period.

5. No knife, no injections, no drugs, no exercise, no diet, just lying down can burn fat and build muscle and reshape the beauty of the lines.

6. Saving time and effort just lying down for 30 minutes = 30,000 muscle contractions (equivalent to 30,000 abdominal contractions / squats).

10. There are enough experimental studies to prove that the effect of the treatment is remarkable. It only takes 4 procedures in two weeks and every half hour you can see the effect of reshaping the lines at the treatment site.

11. The air cooling device prevents the generation of high temperatures on the machining head. The handle can work continuously for a long time, which significantly improves the service life and safety factor of the machine and significantly improves energy stability.


Which is suitable for the HI-FEM muscle beauty tool?

This technique can provide beneficial muscle tightening for most people. Five groups are arranged:

① Women who need to gain muscle and change the shape of the buttocks, cut to show women a graceful posture.
② Men who need to build muscle and change the body building process.
③ People who need to lose weight – suitable for both men and women, more suitable for busy office workers.
④ Those people who need to lose weight fast – brides, models, actors, etc.
⑤ Mother after birth (Abdominal rectus secretion) – Improve the shape of the abdominal muscles.

Is there a difference in the effect of abdominal treatment with one or two healing heads? How to choose?

It is recommended that all patients use two treatment heads at the same time. Both healing heads should be in full contact with the skin and not hang sideways or extend beyond the treatment area. This will ensure that all the abdominal muscles are healed and activated. The use of one treatment head at a time is recommended only for patients with small care areas. Both therapies are equally effective.

Will it melt fat as we lift our hips?

Many studies confirm that the metabolic activity of buttock fat is lower than that of belly fat. Therefore, it will not dissolve fat when treating the buttocks.

Is the depth of energy penetration safe? Will it affect the internal organs?

HIFEM technology has been around for decades and its safety has been proven by dozens of studies. The only tissue that responds to energy are motor neurons, so it has no effect on other tissues, including organs.

How does it feel with HIFEM procedures? Will it hurt?

The process is painless and non-invasive. No need for anesthesia. The sensation during treatment is the same as that of your muscles during intense exercise.

How long will the course take?

4 times for a course of procedure of 2-3 days to do once, usually open a card of 6-8 courses of treatment, which can get good results. The best results are in 2-4 weeks after treatment. In order to break down fat and increase muscle mass, patients must be patient. Usually after 4-6 procedures the muscle mass increases by approximately 16% and the fat can be reduced by 19%.

How long will the effect last?

The effect can be maintained for one year after 6 courses. But some people may need additional treatment to get the best results. If you take a course of treatment every 2-3 months, you can maintain a better and better condition. At the same time, customers can visit the salon several times.

How long does it take?

There is no need for manual operation and the automatic calcination mode is set and takes only 30 minutes each time.

Does the magnetic energy of this instrument have radiation? Is it safe?

The movement of the human muscle is driven by magnetic vibrational energy, not by electromagnetic radiation. The radiation on the human body is hot, but our beauty tool HIFEM for muscles is not hot at all when working in the human body. It emits less radiation than our regular cell phones. We also specifically made a test report for it, which proved that the range of its emission is within the national safe electrical appliances.

Isn't the thick layer of fat suitable for HIFEM muscle beauty tools?

HIFEM technology can penetrate 8 cm below the muscle layer. However, if the patient’s fat is thick, the energy may not be able to penetrate the muscle tissue completely, so it is difficult to make the muscle contract and achieve a therapeutic effect.

Can it be combined with other body care procedures?

It can be combined with some non-traumatic fat removal care, such as various fat reduction facilities to eliminate more fat. It can also be combined with some postpartum recovery care to improve the health and physical problems of women in labor.

HIEMT PRO MAX Body sculpting - promotion up to -50% until 28.02.2023

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Buttocks 260 BGN 130 BGN -50%
Breeches 260 BGN 130 BGN -50%
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Biceps 260 BGN 130 BGN -50%
Triceps 260 BGN 130 BGN -50%
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Promotions in combination

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Abdomen and Front Thighs 390 BGN 200 BGN -49%
Abdomen and Hind Thighs 390 BGN 200 BGN -49%

* When booking an hour in the promo period, you use these prices for 10 procedures

* Prices are for one procedure

Application-women’s “Hip”

No matter what type of ass you have, slim beauty can help.


The Slim-beauty machine is specially designed to increase the muscles in different parts, so that you can lift the thighs without reducing the breasts, reduce the thighs and thin arms to increase the abdominal muscles, and practice “tiles”.


Extreme muscle training outside the limits of muscle movement, easy placement of abdominal muscles.

Go beyond the limits of human muscle movement

During normal exercise, the brain sends information to stimulate motor neurons, but only 20-30% of muscle fibers are active. The slim beauty machine uses HI-EMT technology to directly stimulate motor neurons, causing almost 100% activity of muscle fibers, and excitedly can damage fat cells and release them through metabolism: At the same time.

It can quickly increase muscle tissue and protein chains, increase muscle thickness and density and strengthen muscles quickly. Allowing men to easily have perfect abdominal muscles.

HIEMT PRO MAX / Pelvic Floor handle

Most women over the age of 35 have some form of pelvic floor muscle relaxation. Portada facts that this is an awkward topic joins the long time living with the problem, and I’m embarrassed to seek help.

How you can use, you may have a problem with the strength and power of the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles:


    • Incontinence (slight discharge of urine) – when jumping, running, sneezing, laughing;
    • Decreased sexual sensitivity and weak or absent orgasm;
    • Overtime – loss of interest in sex;

Causes of decreased vaginal muscle tone

  • Pregnancy;
  • Natural birth;
  • With age, muscles naturally relax if you do not exercise regularly;
  • Rare sexual contacts;
  • Lifting heavy weights;
  • Overweight;

With the HIEMT PRO MAX procedure / pelvic floor tip /, you can easily and safely overcome all the inconveniences while improving some very important things 🙂

What are the benefits of healthy and strong vaginal muscles

  • Delays the onset of menopause;
  • Protect against incontinence;
  • Help make it easier to get stronger orgasms;
  • They help for greater sexual satisfaction of the partner;
  • Prolong youth;
  • Guarantee overall better condition and self-confidence;

What are the benefits of stimulating the pelvic floor muscles?

  • Increases control and strength on the anal muscle;
  • Improves / Strengthens the bladder, uterus, or rectum caused by relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Reduces urine leakage caused by coughing, sneezing or straining.
  • It activates and improves the muscle tissue of the pelvic floor, restoring muscle tightness and increasing the elasticity of the muscles in the network.
  • Increases blood flow to the network and improves the neural network around the pelvic floor.
  • Increasing the area of the G-Point, as well as increasing its sensitivity.
  • Strengthens and tightens the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle), improves sexual function and increases the sensitivity of the clitoris.

The effectiveness of the procedure for Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles in men and women over 35 years:

При Жени които не се подготвят за бременност или менопауза:

Повлиява положително за възстановяване на еластичността на матката и влагалището, като увеличава секрецията и влагата.

Увеличава многократно кръвообращението с което спомага за правилния хормоналния баланс.

При Мъже, които искат да подобрят своята жизненост / зрели мъже:

Подобрява честотата на уриниране.

Лекува инконтиненция /неволното изпускане на урина.

Чувстително подобряване на ерекцията.

Предотвратяване на преждевременна еакулация.

Как работи HIEMT PRO MAX /pelvic handle/

Тайната се крие във високочестотни електромагнитни енергиини вълни със сила 9 по скалата на TESLA. С дълбокото си проникване до 10см. ( Picture1.jpg ) Успешно стимулира моторните неврони като засилва контрола на цялата област на тазовото дъно. Процедурата причинява 100% органично свиване на мускулите на тазовото дъно като причинява хипер контракции (задействайки мускулите на тазовото дъно да се стегнат около 30 000 пъти за 30 минути)

HIEMT технологията притежава Международни сертификати за безопасност от FDA и CE. Тя е безопасна и няма странични ефекти.

Процедурата е Подходяща за мъже и жени.
Иновативна неинвазивна технология, без никакви наранявания и дискомфорт.

Един терапевтичен курс от 4 процедури в рамките на 2 седмици е по-добър от изпълняването на 10 000 упражнения на Кегел. Ефектът от лечението с HIEMT PRO MAX e по-ефикасен от всичко друго предлагащо се на пазара.

Удобство: няма нужда да сваляте панталони и бельо по време на процедурите, няма нужда да сменяте дрехите си,няма контакт и дразнение,просто го направете и си тръгвате.

Висок коефициент на полезно действие: Всяка процедура отнема само 30 минути, без болка, без рани, без упойка, без възстановителен период.


Не може да се използва в случаите на следните заболявания или състояния:

▲ Забранено за бременни жени и менструален период; необичайно маточно кървене;
▲ Не може да се използва за лечение на областта на главата и сърцето
▲ Пациенти с отворени рани в мястото на лечение, възпаление / тежка инфекция;
▲ Пациенти с остра тазова инфекция и с риск от тазово кървене; пациенти с тежки хемороиди;
▲ Съдова емболия; белодробна недостатъчност; антикоагулантна терапия; нарушения на кървенето;
▲ За пациенти, страдащи от рак; сърдечно заболяване; хипертония; деменция; епилепсия; пациенти със злокачествени тумори;

▲ За пациенти с метални импланти или електронни импланти в тялото; Метална спирала; Пейсмейкър / дефибрилатор; Нервен стимулатор; електронна кохлея; лекарствена помпа; стент и др.
▲ За тези, които наскоро са претърпели тазова операция; Рехабилитацията на тазовото дъно се препоръчва след 3 до 6 месеца след операцията. Трябва да изчакате, докато се възстановите, преди да започнете курс на лечение, (или се консултирайте с Вашия лекар, ако е подходящо за Вас).
▲ За тези жени след изкуствен аборт се препоръчва терапевтичният курс да се проведе след чиста менструация.