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Non-operative lifting or the so-called HIFU procedure for beautiful skin without wrinkles from ABI Beauty in Sofia

Forever young and beautiful with hifu procedures from ABI Beauty!


Beautification procedures solve more and more problems for both ladies and gentlemen. But the most impressive results are seen with HIFU rejuvenation or HIFU procedures. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) lifting is a revolutionary procedure that has definitely attracted the attention of thousands of people around the world who are already enjoying its results. Apart from being very popular lately as laser rejuvenation, it has a long-lasting effect achieved naturally. In addition, the effect affects the whole body and its ways to build new subcutaneous tissue naturally!

HIFU lifting technology – no signs of aging

The main principle of HAIFU non-operative lifting is precise focusing and concentration in a certain area of high-intensity ultrasonic waves, which are sprayed at a predetermined depth and thus tear at the cellular level unwanted tissues.

More about non-operative lifting – HIFU

 Helps to restore the regenerative abilities of the skin in the treated areas. In our HIFU center through this procedure, we fight against the appearance of wrinkles, premature signs of aging, loss of elasticity and sagging skin, double chin, cellulite, and accumulated subcutaneous fat. Each of the activities performed is tailored by a beautician entirely to the needs of the client. Visit our studios for lifting procedures!

At ABI Beauty we have a full range of cartridges for face and body – from 1.5 to 16 mm, with which we take care of achieving excellent results with our customers.

What does the HIFU procedure in Sofia include and its price?


Did you know that a HIFU facial area procedure includes goiter, chin, facial contour, cheeks, forehead, and eye contour? In addition, up to three nozzles are replaced, each of which is individually determined according to the customer’s skin. The prices as well as the promotions we offer can be viewed on the prices page for both women and men. We are expecting you!

How does HIFU facial rejuvenation work?


With age, we all know that the collagen fibers in the body are torn and the elasticity of the skin invariably decreases, and an external sign of this is sagging skin and wrinkles. The presence of collagen and elastin in the skin, regardless of its shape, indicates to the body that there is no problem. That is why HIFU facelift focuses on the destruction of these old collagen fibers and thus naturally causes the body to produce new ones that will bring you “youth”.

хайфу за лице от ABI Beauty - лазарен център в София
Как работи хайфу лифтинга?

What is a HIFU full body lift?


In HIFU body modeling, two different areas are treated equally well. From these sections, depending on which the depth of penetration is chosen:

  • Cellulite
  • Subcutaneous fat

Unlike the facial procedure, HIFU body lifting works only to directly destroy unwanted fat deposits in the defined area. As a post-effect of the procedure there is lifting and tightening of the skin in the area of the treated area;

How many HIFU non-operative lifting procedures are needed to achieve the effect?


HIFU for facial rejuvenation!


For a person – many of the clients have a remarkable effect immediately after the first visit to us. However, we recommend everyone to take advantage of 3 HIFU rejuvenation procedures to ensure a lasting effect. The procedures are performed on average every 3 months (about 90 days). This is because the HIFU facelift is based on the rate of production of new collagen in the body.


HIFU for the whole body!




For the body – results in the treated area can be seen during its treatment and after the first procedure. But to achieve optimal results, we at ABI Beauty Salon advise our clients to do three procedures on average every 10/15 days. We advise all our clients to drink more water between body procedures. To help the body cope with the changes and the disposal of broken-down fat. You can find our salons in Sofia in Lozenets, Druzhba 1 and Gotse Delchev.


Before HIFU lifting

Of course, there are clients who need to repeat the course due to the degree of sagging skin and increased amounts of fat. Before starting the HIFU lifting, all the details will be explained to you by our specialist. It will take into account the characteristics of the treated area and other relevant circumstances.


How long does a procedure last?


The duration depends mainly on the cultivated area:

We can say that a HIFU facelift takes about an hour, an hour and a bit; In contrast, areas of the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) vary between 2 and 4 hours.

HIFU lifting results:


The duration depends mainly on the cultivated area:

The effect of HIFU rejuvenation in the facial area is permanent. There can be a change only due to facial expressions (wrinkling of the forehead, the high raising of the eyebrows, etc.), which can affect the newly formed collagen fibers; HIFU lifting of the areas of the body also enjoys a long-lasting effect. However, to maintain the new figure of your body, adjust your eating habits and activities performed to the fullest extent with the needs of the body.
HIFU - promotion up to -55% until 28.02.2023


Area Standart prices Promo prices Discounts
Whole face 650 BGN 290 BGN -55% 
Neck 300 BGN 160 BGN -47% 
Eye contour 350 BGN 200 BGN -43% 
Cheeks and chin 400 BGN 220 BGN -45% 
Neckline 400 BGN 200 BGN -50% 
Belly 600 BGN 325 BGN -46% 
Seat and Breeches 700 BGN 390 BGN -44% 
Upper arms 600 BGN 325 BGN -46% 
Slings 500 BGN 260 BGN -48% 
Legs 600 BGN 325 BGN -46% 
Thighs 900 BGN 520 BGN -42% 

* Whole face includes: Hug, Chin, Facial contour, Cheeks, Forehead and Eye contour

* When booking an hour in the promo period, you use these prices for 3 procedures

* Prices are for one procedure

Photos on the Internet can often mislead users about their expectations, but the HIFU procedure definitely makes much of the dreams of people over the age of 30 possible.

For even more impressive results, our team of specialists recommends that the HIFU lift be followed by a laser rejuvenation procedure, the method of which will contribute to the flawless appearance of your skin.

The processes, which started with the HIFU lifting, will last up to 2-3 months after the termination of the procedure and will give you visible and lasting results.

The effect of HIFU non-operative lifting is smoothing of lines and wrinkles, restoration of skin tightness and density, tightening of subcutaneous muscles and destruction of fat cells from adipose tissue (eg weakening of body areas, removal of double chin, etc.).

Trust the team of ABI Beauty Salon specialists for your eternal youth. Steal a few hours a month and turn a visit to the beauty salon into a well-deserved rest.

HIFU за лице от ABI Beauty - лазарен център в София

Contraindications to HIFU rejuvenation:



  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Fillers and botox;
  • Open wounds on the skin;
  • Severe forms of acne on the face and neck;
  • Taking anticoagulants.

Advantages of HIFU rejuvenation


    • No anesthesia is required;
    • Painless;
    • No recovery period;
    • Safe – minimal risk of complications, especially when you trust proven professionals in the field;
    • Few procedures required;
    • Long-lasting results;
    • No side effects. Only short-term redness is possible;
    • Does not cause skin injuries;
    • You can undergo HIFU rejuvenation at any time of the year;
    • There is no restriction on the phototype of the skin;
    • Unlike a number of other salons, ABI Beauty Salon offers procedures not only for HIFU facelift but also for the whole body. This allows you to completely turn your back on age and numbers.