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Manicure – gel polish

Gel polish on natural nails – gel polish is suitable for people with thin and brittle nails.

The gel nail polish is durable. It is suitable for people who do not have time to take care of their nails every day or week.

ABI Beauty - за невероятен маникюр и педикюр в София
ABI Beauty - най-добрите маникюристи и педикюристи в София
ABI Beauty - маникюр и педикюр в София
ABI Beauty - за невероятен маникюр от професионалисти в София
ABI Beauty - за тънкостите на маникюра и педикюра в София

Build with gel

ABI Beauty - професионален маникюрист и педикюр в София
ABI Beauty - красив маникюр на достъпна цена в София

UV gel, unlike acrylic, hardens only under ultraviolet light. It can be used only on the surface of the nail (if you want to prevent it from breaking) and for its construction. The difference between gel and acrylic is that the gel produces a shiny effect, and acrylic – matte. Once the gel has formed, bake for 30 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on the power and type of lamp (UV or LED). In this method, the nails can be built with the help of extensions. If necessary, re-file the layered gel to get a more natural look. Gel nails have a strong shine. Construction costs much less time. No unpleasant odor. In addition, ultraviolet light prevents the appearance of fungal infections. With a gel coating, the manicure can last an average of 20 to 30 days.

ABI Beauty - маникюристи в София
ABI Beauty - педикюрист в София
Paraffin therapy for hands
ABI Beauty - за невероятен маникюр и педикюр в София и различни терапии за ръце
ABI Beauty в София е най-доброто място за красив маникюр

The hands are the second most vulnerable after the face – most often the skin of the wrists suffers from redness, cracking, drying and peeling. Paraffin therapy is unique healing care and an amazing tool for restoring the skin and nails of the hands. It works by warming the hands, increasing blood circulation, increasing skin elasticity and smoothing the opening of wrinkles. Paraffin heals cracks and nourishes the skin, slows down aging and even helps improve bone deformities. It whitens and lightens skin pigmentation and also restores the structure of the nail plate. This procedure is especially important in winter when the skin of the hands is most exhausted from the cold.
The effect of paraffin is noticeable after the first session – the hands recover from all the unpleasant phenomena. The skin becomes soft and smooth as velvet. It is recommended that paraffin therapy be repeated at least once every two to three weeks.

ABI Beauty - терапии за маникюр и педикюр в София
The procedure includes:
1. Washing and disinfection of hands;
2. Varnish/hardener cleaning;
3. Shaping the free end of the nail plate;
4. Treatment of the skin fold
– softening, opening and cleaning the cuticle;
– cutting – at the request of the client and if necessary;
5. Treatment of rough skin;
6. Cleansing the skin with a scrub and applying lotion;
7. Polishing the nail plate;
8. Paraffin therapy;
9. Removal of paraffin;
10. Apply moisturizing lotion and oil for skin folds.
Duration of the procedure: 40-60 min.


ABI Beauty - още за педикюр в София
A well-done pedicure turns the feet into a real pleasure for the eye, and the bad one can spoil the overall look of even the most perfect lady.

In order for your feet to always look perfect and to attract admiring glances, you must follow the basic laws of a pedicure. And the first of them is that a pedicure is done only after the feet have been well washed and soaked, preferably after a stay in a special foot bath with aromatic salts.

Pedicure, which we offer is cosmetic and cleansing. Clients with fungal or other infections, roughening, calluses or eczema, please follow the instructions and places offering medical pedicure.

Prices of services:

Gel polish 28 BGN
French with gel polish 30 BGN
Pedicure with/without gel polish 40 BGN/ 30 BGN
Removal of gel polish 5 BGN
Manicure with plain nail polish 20 BGN
Build with gel 80 BGN
Gel support 60 BGN
Gel on natural nails 65 BGN
Cleaning and shaping 20 BGN
Decoration of a nail 1 BGN/ 5 BGN
Paraffin therapy 30 BGN
Nail removal 20 BGN
Build a nail 8 BGN

Why choose a manicure or pedicure from ABI Beauty?

The best technique

All devices we use in ABI Beauty guarantee excellent quality of manicure and pedicure. Combined with our proven specialists, you are in good hands.

Pleasant atmosphere

We assure you that you will feel great in our company. Our team consists of young, energetic and beautiful ladies. We know how to have fun while creating beauty.

Affordable prices

We offer a variety of procedures that allow you to have a manicure and pedicure at attractive prices. Our regular promotions are available throughout the year.